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SCC streamlines Canada's participation in international standardization
Date: 2018-03-15    Source:SCC website   

The Standards Council of Canada (SCC) has updated its policies and procedures related to Canada's participation in international standardization. This modernization aims to:

  • simplify requirements related to participation;
  • better address stakeholders needs;
  • capture critical information on standardization activities in Canada; and
  • align participation procedures with SCC's corporate quality management system.
  • The modernization initiative resulted in the consolidation of existing policies and procedures into one document entitled Requirements and Guidance (R&G) - Participation in International Standardization. This document is accompanied by the International Standards Development (ISD) Program Overview, which provides additional information and guidance to support the members' participation in standardization activities.

By implementing these improvements, SCC is bringing value to Canada by ensuring the best possible support to Canadians participating on international committees. SCC is committed to enhancing Canadian leadership at the international level, which opens doors for Canadian innovative solutions and ensures that international standards reflect Canada's position and priorities.

The Requirements & Guidance (R&G) - Participation in International Standardization, the International Standards Development (ISD) Program Overview and related forms and templates, as well as links to training webinars for each section of the requirements, can be found on the SCC website.



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