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  Global vision  
  Global Energy Interconnection 2017-02-21
  Katharine Morgan Becomes President of ASTM International 2017-02-16
  ITU Announces New "Access to Information" Policy 2017-02-06
  Making it all add up - International Standards for quanti... 2017-02-03
  New committee on organizational governance 2017-01-25
  Taking auditing to new level with International Standard ... 2017-01-06
  How to measure the effectiveness of information security 2016-12-22
  New ISO specification for better management of animal wel... 2016-12-12
  Guidance for SMEs Using ISO 9001 for Quality Management j... 2016-11-17
  Innovative solutions for all with ISO standards 2016-11-15
  Chinese city puts sustainable community ISO standard to t... 2016-11-02
  Dare to dream big: three innovators change the world with... 2016-10-25
  Celebration of World Standards Day 2016 in China Held in ... 2016-10-17
  No Trust in World without Standards 2016-10-14
  The 35th Plenary Meeting of ISO/TC 8 Held in Beijing 2016-10-09
  Beijing Statement released by SAC Administrator and ISO P... 2016-09-29
  SAC Enhances Cooperation with Countries along Belt & Road 2016-09-20
  Chinese Premier: standards key for growth of Chinese economy 2016-09-19
  Xi Calls Standards "Common Language of the World" 2016-09-19
  Enabling sustainable and smart cities for improved qualit... 2016-08-08

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