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CCTV's "Focus Interview" broadcast Standards Information Platform for "the Belt and Road" Countries
Date: 2019-05-15    Source:NLS, Standards Information Institute   

On the evening of 5 May, the hot "Focus Interview" of CCTV 1 broadcast the achievements of the second "the Belt and Road initiative" International Cooperation Summit Forum, themed with " Belt & Road Expects a Better Tomorrow", which introduced the "Standards Information Platform for "the Belt and Road" Countries" initiated by the Standardization Administration of China (SAC), and constructed by the China National Institute of Standardization (CNIS). The Platform played an important role in promoting the construction of high-quality development in "the Belt and Road initiative".

In the interview, Guo Chenguang, head of the International Standards Cooperation Division of the SAC, said that in the construction of "the Belt and Road initiative", countries have a particularly urgent need for mutual understanding of standards. The standards information platform will provide timely help to countries to improve trade efficiency and reduce trade costs. Jamie gouveia, director of the "the Belt and Road initiative" Research Center of Mozambique's University of Modlane, also said that Mozambique want to develop domestic standards and should ensure their internationalization. The standards information platform will play a huge role in promoting the construction of "the Belt and Road initiative".

Supported by the National Standards Document Sharing Service Platform, one of the national science and technology infrastructure platforms of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Standards Information Platform provides standards information classification and retrieval for "the Belt and Road initiative" countries for the first time, shows the standardization overview of 108 countries jointly built by "the Belt and Road initiative" including China, and integrates the standards bibliographic information of 35 countries and 5 international organizations such as ISO and IEC. At the same time, the Standard Information Platform is embedded with the " English-Chinese Smart Translation Cloud Platform in Standardization ", which provides instant translation of standards texts in both Chinese and English and sets up a bridge for standards interconnection between "the Belt and Road initiative" countries.

On May 7, 2019, the Standards Information Platform for "the Belt and Road" Countries" officially realized the interconnection with the "China Belt and Road Network" (, further consolidating the construction of the "Internet Silk Road".



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