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ISO/TC265/WG4 Working Group Meeting Held in Beijing
Date: 2019-03-26    Source:CNIS   

ISO/TC265/WG4 meeting was held in Beijing on March 12-14, 2019, hosted by CNIS, and 15 experts from 7 countries including the United States, France, Norway, Japan, Australia, Saudi Arabia and China participated in the meeting.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Carbon Dioxide Capture, Transportation and Geological Storage (CCS) Standardization Technical Committee (TC265) was established in 2012, covering carbon dioxide capture, transportation, geological storage of carbon dioxide, quantitative verification, cross-cutting issues and other fields. CNIS and Canadian Standards Association jointly assume the secretariat of the Committee, and researcher Liu Mei from the resources and environment branch of CNIS serves as the joint secretary.
The International Standard " Carbon Dioxide Capture, Transportation and Geological Storage-Quantification and Validation" (ISO27920), drafted by the Working Group on Quantification and Validation (WG4), passed the Committee Draft (CD Draft) in August 2018, and the International Standard Draft (DIS Draft) was formed before the meeting.This meeting mainly discussed the collected expert opinions, including further clarifying the boundary of CCS project, technical issues related to carbon dioxide emission reduction, and the connection between monitoring and other TC265 standards.The meeting also revised and improved the DIS draft to prepare for the next DIS draft vote.The standard is expected to be released in 2020.
Carbon capture, utilization and sequestration (CCUS), as a new technology that is expected to realize large-scale low-carbon utilization of fossil energy, is an important means to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, ensure energy security and achieve sustainable development in the future. In recent years, China's CCUS technology R&D and experimental demonstration have made positive progress, and a number of CCUS related projects have been launched, involving EOR, ECBM, CO2 enhanced shale gas recovery technology and other aspects.The further development of related work urgently needs the support of standards and norms.
This standard is the first international standard to quantify and verify carbon dioxide emissions from CCS projects. It is also the basis for accounting and reporting carbon dioxide emission reductions from CCS projects. It can provide corresponding technical support for accounting carbon dioxide emission reductions from CCUS projects in China.

(Translated by Jenny Liu)



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