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The major project Quality Governance System and Policy Research for Promoting High Quality Development kicked off
Date: 2019-02-11    Source:CNIS   

The kick-off meeting of the major project of the national social science fund Quality Governance System and Policy Research for Promoting High-Quality Development was held in Beijing on January 30, 2019. SAMR Deputy Administrator and SAC Administrator Tian Shihong attended the meeting and made a speech as the Chief Expert of the project. The meeting was presided over by CNIS President Liu Hongsheng.

At the meeting, Wu Xiaobo, member of the project team and Vice President of CNIS, reported the project implementation plan on behalf of the project undertaking organization. The heads or representatives of the five tasks under the project, Professor Li Jun of University of International Business and Economics, Researcher Wu Bin of the Institute of Quantitative & Technical Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Researcher Yang Yuexiang of the China University of Mining and Technology ( Beijing ), Professor Qian Xiaoyao of the China University of Metrology, and CNIS Vice-President Tang Wanjin, reported respectively the research contents and work arrangements of the tasks. The leaders and experts at the meeting held a heated discussion on the definition of the research concept, the project coordination mechanism, and the schedule arrangement, etc. in combination with the contents of the report.

Tian Shihong listened carefully to the reports of the members of the research group and the discussions of the experts present at the meeting, and put forward clear requirements on the significance of the research, grasping the key points of the research, and advancing the further work. He pointed out that carrying out the research of this project is an important form to deeply learn and understand Xi Jinping's theory and practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era in the field of quality. It is an important theoretical exploration to grasp the global development trend, deepen the understanding of the national conditions of quality, and explore the construction of a quality power in the new era. It is a useful way to perfect the theoretical system of quality development in the new era and to analyze and solve the difficulties and pains in quality improvement. We must grasp the key issues such as the overall layout of the overall quality improvement, the brand-new connotation of the quality management system, and the mechanism of quality management in promoting high-quality development. In the follow-up work, we should grasp the orientation, optimize project management and strengthen internal and external communication. He hopes that the CNIS will continue to play an important role as a undertaking organization. While completing relevant academic research tasks, it will strengthen project management, provide various services, strictly supervise academic research, and actively and effectively push forward the project research work.

(Translated by Jenny Liu)



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