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Tian Shihong led the SAC team to the CNIS to listen to the work report and carry out the exchange
Date: 2019-01-23   

On January 17, Tian Shihong, Deputy-Administrator of the State Administration for Market Regulation(SAMR)and Administrator of the SAC, led relevant staff from the SAMR's Standards Technology Management Department and the Standards Innovation Management Department to visit the CNIS and listen to the annual work report of the CNIS leadership and carry out docking and exchange on the mutual support between the two departments and the CNIS. Members of the CNIS leadership and the main leaders of various departments of CNIS attended the activity.

On behalf of the CNIS leadership, CNIS President Liu Hongsheng made a report on the basic situation of the CNIS, the work in 2018 and the supporting two departments of the SAC.

Director Cui gang said in his speech that the innovation department fully supports the international standardization work of the CNIS, fully supports the cooperation with local governments and scientific research work. We also hope that the CNIS will give strong support to the IEC General Meeting, the international standardization work, the standardization application management, the landmark management, and the education and training in standardization talent.

In her speech, Director Yu Xinli introduced the functions of the Standards Technology Department and raised hopes for the standardization strategy research to be supported by the hospital in 2019, the work of the secretariat of the China Standardization Expert Committee, and standardization work in key areas.

Finally, Tian Shihong made an important speech. He fully affirmed the achievements made by the CNIS in the past year in scientific research, strengthening support, improving ability, expanding the market and building the Party. At the same time, he analyzed the situation faced by the development of the CNIS and put forward five requirements. The first is to strengthen Party building. Insist on party building to strengthen the CNIS and resolutely punish formalism, bureaucracy and inaction. The second is to strengthen innovation and development, which requires scientific research innovation as well as management innovation, major standards should be developed around high-quality development. The third is to strengthen international standardization work and continuously enhance international influence. The fourth is to strengthen the construction of talent team, adhere to the talent to promote CNIS, especially to strengthen the training and selection of leading talents. Fifth, it is necessary to strengthen service and support so as to provide all-round support to the SAMR, ministries, local governments and enterprises. Around the “four first - class", build a first –class in China, internationally renowned national institute of andardization.



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