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CNIS and Yinchuan Municipal People's Government signed a framework agreement on cooperation for business environment optimization and government service standardization
Date: 2018-12-06    Source:CNIS   

On November 21, CNIS and Yinchuan Municipal People's Government jointly signed a "Framework Agreement on Science and Technology Cooperation for Business Environment Optimization and Government Service Standardization" in Yinchuan. Yang Yujing, Deputy Secretary of Yinchuan CPC Committee and Mayor of Yinchuan Municipal People's Government, attended the signing ceremony. CNIS Vice-President Wu Xiaobo signed cooperation agreements with Deputy-Mayor Xie Dongwei on behalf of both sides. The signing ceremony was presided over by Hetian Jiang, Secretary-General of Yinchuan Municipal Government.

Yinchuan, as the node city of the Silk Road Economic Belt, the key economic zone and the capital of the autonomous region that have carried out the strategy of developing the western region in depth, is at the forefront of the country in reforming the administrative examination and approval system and promoting government services. This The two sides signed a framework agreement on scientific and technological cooperation, aiming at establishing a long-term and in-depth partnership based on the principle of " giving play to advantages, mutual promotion, long-term cooperation and mutual benefit and win - win", so as to help Yinchuan to continuously optimize its business environment with standardization and form a replicable "Yinchuan model".

At the meeting, Wu Xiaobo analyzed the significance of optimizing the business environment for promoting high-quality development and the current situation of business environment evaluation at home and abroad, pointed out the work foundation and development potential of Yinchuan in business environment evaluation and optimization, and put forward expectations and requirements for cooperation between CNIS and Yinchuan Municipal People's Government.

The signing ceremony was attended by Wang Yiyi, Director of Standardization Theory and Strategy of CNIS and relevant researchers, Professor Gu Pingan of the Public Management Research Department of the Central Party School (National School of Administration), and Zhao Gang, Zhang Quanzhi and Chen Kangren, deputy mayors of Yinchuan Municipal People's Government.



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