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China Energy Efficiency Label coming into the First China International Import Expo
Date: 2018-11-20    Source:CNIS   

The First China International Import Expo was held in Shanghai on November 5, 2018. This grand event is the first state-level exhibition with import theme in the world so far, and it is a great innovation in the history of international trade development. President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony and delivered a keynote speech entitled "Building an innovative and inclusive Open World economy," stressing that reviewing history, open cooperation is an important driving force for enhancing the vitality of international trade and economic cooperation.

The "China Energy efficiency labeling system" video seminar jointly produced by the CNIS and UL Co., Ltd., was officially broadcast in the UL exhibition area of the First China International Import Expo. The video details the legal basis and implementation mode of China's energy efficiency labelling system, covers the product catalogue, the content and labeling requirements of the logo, the means of marking, the enterprise record process, the laboratory record process, Filing information announcements and energy efficiency marking official information platforms, etc., The aim is to help foreign enterprises understand more about China's energy efficiency labelling system and facilitate their access to the Chinese market.

Energy efficiency labeling system is widely used in the world because of its low investment, fast effect, great impact on consumers, and remarkable effect of energy saving and environmental protection. China's energy efficiency labelling system is established and managed by the State Development and Reform Commission and the State Administration of Market Supervision. Since its implementation in 2005, 14 batches of product catalogues have been issued, involving 37 categories of products in 5 major fields. Up to now, there are about 15000 energy efficiency marking enterprises, more than 1.5 million product models and more than 1,000 record laboratories. China's energy efficiency labelling system, which is highly valued and highly promoted by the government, has made many innovations in the aspects of Internet access, supervision and management, information filing, etc., which has set a precedent in the world.

The validity and authenticity of experimental data is the guarantee of product information conformance. Over the past 13 years, the CNIS has continuously promoted the effectiveness of experimental data, combined with various organizations to comprehensively promote industry testing capacity building, and completed 208 laboratory on-site inspections in 2017, including 22 foreign laboratories. Data consistency verification was carried out in 904 laboratories of 36 kinds of products.
This year, the CNIS Energy efficiency labeling Management Center for the first time tried to adopt the UL China Energy efficiency labeling Laboratory Review Program for foreign enterprise laboratories. The cooperation will promote China's energy efficiency labelling system on a global scale through Internet platforms, and make use of the global distribution of resources by overseas testing agencies, so that overseas laboratories can also issue China's energy efficiency labeling test reports just like domestic laboratories. And ensure that the test methods and results are consistent with the domestic laboratories, accelerate the convenience of foreign products entering the Chinese market, and reduce the risk of enterprises.
The CNIS is a state-level research institution of social welfare engaged in standardization research. It has rich standardization experience in the fields of energy saving, emission reduction, water saving, renewable energy and so on, and is the authorized implementing agency of China's energy efficiency marking system. UL is a world-renowned international professional organization of product testing certification, with more than 120 years of history and rich experience, the development of many standards by the United States government and other international organizations cited. This cooperation will be conducive to the development of global energy efficiency by giving full play to the respective advantages of both sides.



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