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CNIS and Hainan Quality Supervision Bureau Signed Memorandum of Strategic Cooperation for the Construction of a Green Standards System
Date: 2018-09-12    Source:CNIS   

In accordance with the requirements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council for Hainan to build a free trade experimental area and a free trade port with Chinese characteristics, providing standardization support for the strategic positioning and layout of the ecological civilization construction and green development in Hainan Province. The Hainan Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision and the China National Institute of Standardization (CNIS), through joint consultations, have decided to carry out strategic cooperation in comprehensively promoting the construction of the green standards system in the construction of the Hainan Free Trade area. Based on the establishment of green development demonstration area and national ecological civilization experimental area, both sides will study the construction of Hainan green standards system, and comprehensively promotes standardization in the construction of ecological civilization, the green development of industry, and the green governance.

On September 4, 2018, CNIS and the Hainan Bureau of Quality and Technology Supervision jointly signed in Beijing the Memorandum of Strategic Cooperation on comprehensively Promoting the Construction of a Green Standards System in the Construction of Hainan Free Trade area,In addition, both sides discussed and exchanged relevant issues about the construction of green standards system and the establishment of Hainan Province green standard system construction plan of action for three years of standardization work. Wang Zongling, Secretary of the CNIS CPC committee, Deputy-Secretary Duan chain, Director-general of Hainan Quality Supervision Bureau, Cai Renjie, and Deputy Director-general Fu Jian, attended the meeting. Yu Tian of the Planning and Scientific Research Department of CNIS, Lin Ling of the Zihuan Branch, Cao Lili of the Service Institute, as well as the relevant staff of the Hainan Quality Supervision Bureau, attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Duan Lian. The two sides will take this cooperation as a starting point to comprehensively promote standardization and ecological civilization construction in Hainan Province.

Green development is an important choice for Hainan's reform and development, which is of great significance to Hainan's construction of free trade area. This Memorandum of Cooperation will closely meet the actual needs of the construction of Hainan Free Trade area, in accordance with the task requirements of establishing the National Ecological Civilization Experimental Zone and the Green Development of Hainan Province, around the green standard system construction, the green development key standards research, the standard publicity and the training, the standardization capacity construction and so on standardization work carries on the omni-directional cooperation. The signing of the memorandum of cooperation marks the beginning of a new journey of win-win development between CNIS and Hainan ProvincialBureau of Quality Supervision. The two sides will carry out practical standardization cooperation in the construction of the green standard system and contribute to the construction of the beautiful new Hainan.

(Translated by Chenchen, reviewed by Jenny Liu)




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