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A delegation from eCl@ss visited CNIS
Date: 2018-08-24    Source:CHIS   

On July 16, 2018, the current Chairman of Board of eCl@ss Directors, Mr. Markus Reigl, and the Chief Representative of eCl@ss China office, Mr. Dirk Machentanz, together with other four people, visited CNIS.

CNIS held a meeting to welcome the delegation which was attended by Qiu Yueming, Vice-President of CNIS, Director of the institute of standardization of high and new technology information of CNIS, Deputy Director Wang Zhiqiang and experts in related fields. The two sides introduced the latest work of CNIS and eCl@ss, reviewed the cooperation between CNIS and eCl@ss, exchanged opinions and reached consensus on the description and classification of products and services as well as the promotion and application of eCl@ss in China, and made clear the direction of joint efforts.

The eCl@ss standards are standards for classifying and describing goods and services, designed to provide efficient support to all business processes throughout the product cycle. ECl @ss provides a solid foundation for data exchange of industry 4.0 electronic products.
ECl @ss is a non-profit organization dedicated to describing and simplifying electronic transactions across industries through standardized products. About 130 nternational enterprises from various fields, organizations and public institutions have joined the it. There are five representative offices in China, France, Austria, Egypt and Benelux.



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