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CNIS and GOME jointly Release the Evaluation Results of "Good Refrigeration Air-Conditioning"
Date: 2018-06-29   

 On June 22, 2018, CNIS Key Laboratory of Ergonomics, GOME Electric Co., Ltd. and the ZHONGBIAO Energy Efficiency ( Beijing ) Co., Ltd. jointly organized and released the 2018 evaluation results of "good refrigeration air-conditioning" in Beijing, and issued certificates to enterprises that have obtained "good refrigeration air conditioning".

The professional test of "good refrigeration air-conditioning" is undertaken by the human thermal comfort laboratory independently developed and built by CNIS. the user experience evaluation is carried out in the Human Scientific and Technological Experience Standardization Laboratory" jointly built by CNIS and the PENGRUN store of GOME. the evaluation is based on the national standard GB /T 33658 - 2017 " Requirments and Evaluation Methods for Human Thermal Comfort Environment in the Room" developed mainly by CNIS. the evaluation items include temperature fluctuation, temperature uniformity, vertical temperature difference, air blowing index, PMV, equivalent space temperature of thermal manikin, and user experience, etc., the evaluation products come from 1.5HP of 12 models sold by GOME electrical appliance stores.

CNIS Key Laboratory of Ergonomics, GOME electric appliance co., ltd. and the ZHONGBIAO energy efficiency technology ( Beijing ) will continue to carry out household appliance evaluation activities around ergonomic indicators such as ease of use and user experience, ETC., the evaluation results will provide scientific guidance for consumers to choose and use comfortable household appliance products.



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