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International Conference on Standardization of Language Resources and Translation and Interpreting Services held in Hangzhou
Date: 2018-06-22    Source:CNIS   

Under the guidance of SAC, International Conference on Standardization of Language Resources and Translation and Interpreting Services was jointly held by CNIS, Translation Service Committee of Translators Association of China (TAC) and Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technology Supervision (HBQTS) in Hangzhou on June 16-17, 2018. Li Aixian, Vice-President and Chief Engineer of CNIS, Huang Yongyi, Executive Vice-President of TAC, and Lou Liqun, Chief Engineer of HBQTS addressed the meeting. The opening ceremony was held by ISO/TC 37 Secretary Zhou Changqing. Director of Sub-Institute of Fundamental Standardization of CNIS Luo Hong attended the opening ceremony. More than 200 experts and representatives from ISO/TC 37 Language and terminology, standardization research institutions, translation associations, universities, and language service companies attended the event.

Li Aixian pointed out in her speech that, with the acceleration of economic globalization, the demand for language services in social development has become increasingly prominent, and language services need the support of standards. The language service industry and its standardization not only directly relates to the speed of engaging in globalization, but also to the depth and breadth of our participation. Giving full play to the leading role of standards is of great significance to promoting the development of language service industry and technological advance. She put forward three points of expectation. First, fully enhance technology sharing and communication; second, strengthen the conversion of technical results to standards; lastly, further clarify the direction and goals of development.

The conference is composed of one main forum and four sub-forums. The main forum is themed with Language Service Standardization and Industrial Development and Language Service Needs and Quality, chaired by Zhu Xianchao, Chairman of Lan-bridge Shanghai Information Technology Co., Ltd and Wang Jihui, Director of MTI Center and professor, Peking University. The keynote speeches include "Standards and language technologies at the service of open data", "Language service industry development and standardization in China", "Translation industry trends in Europe", "Language service promotes standards to be the language to connect the world", which were delivered respectively by Laurent Romary, Chair of ISO/TC 37, Huang Youyi, Executive Vice-President of TAC, Monika Popiolek, President of the Polish Association of Translators Companies, Liu Zhiyang, Research Fellow of CNIS.

The four sub-forums discussed respectively on "Standards in translation and interpreting services", "Language resource management for manufacturing and in the full life cycle of a product", "Workshop on translation technology", "Roundtable on education and training for translation and interpreting services". Experts from the international and domestic language service industry conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on many topics such as ISO standards of interpreting and translation, improving translation quality by standards, translation technology development trend, interpreting training, and language service personnel training.

The conference brings together many experts and elites from home and abroad in the language service and standardization, it is a grand event for high-end international exchanges in Chinese language services. With a wide range of representatives, a high level and a deep topic, it is an assembly of integration of industry, education and research in language services for exchange and cooperation; It is of great significance to promote the standardized and sustainable development of language service industry.



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