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CNIS and Zhengzhou Municipal Government Signed the Cooperation Agreement on Standardization of Cross-Border E-Business
Date: 2018-06-14    Source:CNIS   

CNIS and  Zhengzhou Municipal Government signed the cooperation agreement on standardization of cross-border e-business at Zhengzhou's Second Global Cross-border E-business Conference on May 10, 2018, which marked that CNIS and the Zhengzhou Municipal Government would work together to upgrade Zhengzhou's e-business mode through cooperation on standardization of cross-border e-business and advance Zhengzhou's online Silk Road construction by means of standardization. Gu Baozhong, Deputy-Mayor and Standing Member of Zhengzhou Municipal CPC Committee, Qiu Yueming, Vice-President of CNIS, signed the agreement as both sides' representatives.

The Zhengzhou Municipal Government attached importance to the cross-border e-business and has made remarkable achievement in recent years. As one of the China's first cross-border trade e-business pilot cities, Zhengzhou has formed its development mode and gained experience, equipped with the foundation and condition of developing standards in this field.

According to the agreement, CNIS and Zhengzhou City will develop a deeper and more extensive cooperation on researches and applications of standardization, including the relevant standardization research, standards development, technical organizations construction in the fields such as e-business, trade facilitation, single window and transmodality, etc., exploring the standardization system construction of Zhengzhou's cross-border e-business and develop standards in various ways (including nation standards, industry standards, local standards, group standards and enterprise standards, etc.), exploring how to promote Zhengzhou mode through standardization.
The cooperation on standardization of cross-border e-business between Zhengzhou Government and CNIS has great significance for standardizing the industry development, accelerating the construction of national central city for Zhengzhou and speeding up the facilitation of international trade.



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