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Annual Meeting 2018 of ISO/TC 34/SC 12 (Sensory Analysis) was held in Beijing
Date: 2018-05-25    Source:CNIS   

Annual Meeting of ISO/TC 34/SC 12 (Sensory Analysis) and its working group meeting were held in Beijing from April 24 to 26, CNIS undertook the meeting. More than 30 experts from China, France, Argentina, the United States, Switzerland, Britain, and Bosnia attended the meeting.

The WG1 (Sensory claim substantiation) meeting discussed the standard draft ISO/NP 20784. The annual meeting of ISO/TC 34 / SC 12 focused on discussing the seven international standards under development, passed a new standard proposal, and systematically reviewed ten standards projects in progress. Meanwhile, ISO/TC 34 / SC 12 discussed and arranged the work plans in the next stage. Zhao Lei, Research Fellow of the Sub-Institute of Food and Agriculture Standardization of CNIS, as the leader of Chinese delegation, attended the meeting, introduced the current progress of ISO/DIS 20613: Sensory analysis - General guidance for the application of sensory analysis in quality control which development was led by China, and successfully pushed the standards under development into the next stage. Moreover, China will participate in the revising of five international standards including ISO 4120 2004: Sensory analysis -- Methodology -- Magnitude estimation method, and prepare to submit a proposal of new international standard about numb degree evaluation.

ISO/TC 34 / SC 12 was founded in 1980, and its secretariat is undertaken by IRAM of Argentina. With 22 participating members and 27 observing members, it has published 39 standards, and 5 standards are under development.

(Translated by Song Langlang, reviewed by Liu Zhiyang)



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