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Apply Standardization to Tibetan Poverty Alleviation through Aiding Qinghai Province Endeavor
Date: 2018-05-22    Source:CHIS   

Che Junping, Director-General of Bureau of Quality and Technology Supervision of Qinghai Province (BQTCSQ) and Secretary of CPC Committee of BQTCSQ, came to visit CNIS together with a group on April 27, 2018. CNIS President Liu Hongsheng hosted the meeting attended by the relevant departments heads. Both sides made a short communication and discussion on further cooperation to carry out aiding Qinghai province in a practical, efficient and sustainable manner.

Che Junping expressed his gratitude to CNIS for its all-round technical assistance since the aid agreement was signed, especially that some experts overcame altitude sickness and conducted training practice, built aiding system and provided services, with great dedication to Tibetan development. He said, these experts showed their pragmatic dedication and pioneering spirit of CNIS, which received sincere appreciation from BQTCSQ.  He hoped to deepen the aid project in 2018 and support substantially Qinghai's native research institutions to apply for more major projects.

Liu Hongsheng pointed that, since the counterpart assistance agreement was signed, CNIS has been actively implementing each measure and developed working schemes by consulting closely with BQTCSQ, supporting the social-economic development of Tibetan areas. He also promised that practical and feasible schemes would be completed through the cooperation with BQTCSQ in many aspects, such as research projects, standards system's construction, standardization information platform's  construction and service, talents cultivation and exchange, professional knowledge training, aiming to meet Tibetan's needs. In addition, CNIS will provide more and better intellectual supports of standardization for poverty alleviation in Tibetan and social-economic development in Qinghai province, and other assistance like related trainings.

(Translated by Li Xinyue, reviewed by Liu Zhiyang)




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