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Delegation of Mongolia Energy Regulatory Commission Visited CNIS
Date: 2018-05-11    Source:CNIS   

The delegation of Mongolia Energy Regulatory Commission led by the committee member Tuvshinchuluun Erdenechuluun, and the representatives from GGGI came to visit CNIS on April 16, 2018. CNIS held a meeting to communicate and exchange some working progress of both sides. CNIS President Liu Hongsheng, Vice-Secretary of CNIS CPC Committee Duan Lian, Director of Branch of Resource and Environment of CNIS Lin Ling and other research fellows of related departments attended the meeting, Duan Lian hosted the meeting.

The President Liu Hongsheng welcome the Mongolia delegation and introduced CNIS’s organizational structure, research fields and work achievements. The representative of Branch of Resource and Environment of CNIS introduced their work progress and experience on energy saving standards system, energy efficiency labeling system and energy efficiency testing laboratories' capability, etc. Both sides conducted a  heated exchange and discussion on cooperation intention in  energy efficiency standards, energy efficiency labeling and testing laboratories. They agreed to explore feasible ways to enhance communication and cooperation on energy efficiency standards and labeling development, energy efficiency testing laboratories construction and other focus areas under the guidance of the relevant authority.

(Translated by Li Xinyue, reviewed by Liu Zhiyang)



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