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The plenary meeting of SAC/TC 275 and national standards reviewing meeting held in Beijing
Date: 2018-05-08    Source:CNIS   

The Plenary Meeting of the National Standardization Technical Committee on Environment Protection (SAC/TC 275,) 2017 and National Standards Reviewing Meeting were held in Beijing on March 29-30. Chair of SAC/TC 275, Ren Xianguan,Vice-Director of Resource Conservation and Environmental Protection Department of NDRC g, Wang Junwei, Vice-Director of Industry Department of SAC, Duan Lian, Deputy-Secretary of the CPC Party Committee of CNIS, and Director of Environment office of Resource Conservation, and Ma Weichen, Environmental Protection Department in NDRC, attended the meeting. Some 40 members of SAC/TC 275 and experts attended the meeting. The plenary meeting was presided by Lin Ling, Director of Branch of Resource and Environment, CNIS. Zhang Guoning from Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, Cheng Hanfei from ZHONGYEHUATIAN Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., and Chen Tongbin from Chinese Academy of Sciences, were invited to make presentations respectively in the meeting.

Ren Xianguang highly appreciated the achievement by SAC/TC 275 in 2017. He stated that, the year of 2018 is the first year to carry out "the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress", and the 40th anniversary of "reform and opening up", the decisive year in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and implementing the "13th five-year plan" as well. Therefore, the committee should improve deeply standards system, develop the strategy plan and layout of standardization in environment protection industry and provide various services and support. 

 Wang Junwei conveyed the spirits of National Standardization Working Conference 2017, interpreted the requirements of standardization policy to the environment protection industry and put forward requirements in four aspects including the system construction, the innovative working mechanism, publicity and standards “going out”.

Lin Ling reported the working summary of the committee in 2017 and the key working plan in 2018 in aspects of supporting government, standardization research, standards development and revision, international standardization, market service and capacity building of the committee. Then the experts had a heated discussion about the work plan in 2018.

Duan Lian concluded that, the committee will work harder to improve the top-level design of the standards system, and give full play to its role of organization and coordination. Focusing on the standardization needs of environment protection industry, the committee will implement fully the standardization system reform and standardization strategy to promote the overall level of environmental protection industry.

After the plenary meeting, the Secretariat organized all members to review four national standards of Power Generation Equipment of Double Circulation o Low Temperature Heat Source of Waste Heat Recovery, Technical Requirements on the Services Assessment of Operational Organizations of Environmental Protection Facilities, Testing Technical Specification Catalysts for the DeNoX of Flue Gas and Technical Requirements for Assessment of High Efficiency Water Pollution Control Equipment, which were approved by participating experts.

(Translated by Chen Chen, reviewed by Liu Zhiyang)



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