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The Result of Customer Satisfaction Survey 2018 in 36 Industries Released
Date: 2018-04-03    Source:CNIS   

CNIS Customer Satisfaction Measurement Center, along with China Enterprise Research Center of Tsinghua University and ZhONGBIAO Quality Promotion Technologies, released the result of 2018 customer satisfaction survey in 36 industries on March 28th. In the meantime, 2018 Chinese customer satisfaction manual and 2018 Chinese customer satisfaction brands list are published and distributed.

CNIS Customer Satisfaction Measurement Center has been carried out the customer satisfaction survey and published the manuals across the country every year since 2005, which has been done for 13 years in a row. The manuals include the results of customer satisfaction survey on many well-known brands, and play a critical role in the guidance for consuming lives of the public. This release is a significant action to implement the guidance of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on carrying out the quality promotion action, aiming to push the quality evaluation jump from "eligibility" to "satisfaction", and effectively enhance the sense of quality for consumers.

Customer satisfaction survey is based on Guidelines for Model and Methods of Customer Satisfaction Measurement (GB/T 19038-2009), Quality Management, Customer Satisfaction, Guidelines for Monitoring and Measuring (GB/Z 27907-2011), and General Rules of Customer Satisfaction Measurement (GB/T 19039-2009). The survey covers six aspects: brand image, expected quality, perceived quality, perceived value, customer satisfaction and loyalty. The survey was conducted in 250 cities in 31 provinces (or districts or cities) in China, concerning 36 industries closely related to people's daily life. More than 8000 survey samples are obtained randomly. The result of customer satisfaction survey in each industry is showed below.


The result of customer satisfaction survey in durable consumer goods

(Refrigerator; air conditioner; washing machine; TV; electric water heater; gas water heater; range hood; gas stove; water purifier; disinfecting cabinet; air purifier; mobile phone; laptop; electric bike; floor; toilet)


The result of customer satisfaction survey in non-durable consumer goods

(Cooking oil; soy sauce; vinegar; shampoo; toothpaste; laundry detergent; toilet paper; down jacket)


The result of customer satisfaction survey in the living services

(Commercial banks; car insurance; securities; online shopping; online news; online paying; online travel; mobile communication; household broadband; express hotel; civil aviation; express delivery)

(Translated by Song Langlang, reviewed by Liu Zhiyang)




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