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The Elderly-Oriented Household Appliance Standard jointly Developed by CNIS and JINGDONG was officially Released
Date: 2018-04-17    Source:CNIS   

JINGDONG Mall held a release conference of the elderly-oriented household appliance standard in Beijing on April 2, 2018. The standard is developed by the Sub-Institute of Fundamental Standardization of CNIS and JINGDONG Appliance, which provides clear technical requirements on how to take the special needs of the elderly users into account in the household appliances designing.

CNIS Vice-President Li Aixian addressed the meeting, she stated, the population aging is attracting much attention at present, CNIS developed the standard of the elderly-oriented household appliance jointly with JINGDONG, aiming to meet the specific needs of the elderly consumers and provide more services for the elderly. She hopes more home appliance companies can pay attention to this standard and provide the elderly consumers with more useful products.

The elderly-oriented standards can be applied to the universal products design suitable for the elderly, rather than the elderly specialized products design. The physical and psychological functions and functional capabilities of most elderly gradually degraded with age, in accordance with usage scenario, the elderly-oriented design and assessment will analyze the elderly users' characters relevant to the product availability, and assess the specific impact they may have on product operability, ensuring that product usage requirements within the elderly users capability so as to promote the products accessibility.

The products in line with this standard will be identified by JINGDONG as "The Elderly-oriented Household Appliance" in the platform, so that consumers can be clear at a glance which appliance is suitable for the elderly. The elderly-oriented household appliance standard will bring the elderly consumers more secure, more convenient and more comfortable home life.

This standard is also an important part of the cooperation project "JD the Elderly-oriented Household Appliance" of CNIS and JINGDONG Appliances Division. The project affords comprehensive standardization service oriented for the elderly comfort appliances; it will provide high-quality products and comprehensive, refined and customized products services for consumers, especially the elderly consumer group by means of standards, evaluation, testing and certification. In addition, it will segment the market and develop the products technical standards with the unique characteristics of enterprise, in order to lead the industry development in the relevant fields by the innovative technical development.

(Translated by Chen Chen, reviewed by Liu Zhiyang)




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