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Tian Shihong Investigated the Special Program on Quality Improvement through Standards Comparison and Conformity
Date: 2018-03-06    Source:CNIS   

On February 24, AQSIQ Vice-Minister and SAC Administrator Tian Shihong, came to CNIS to investigated the Special Program "Quality Improvement through Standards Comparison and Conformity among 10,000 Enterprises from 1,000 Sectors in 100 Cities".

Tian Shihong listened to the overall progress report on this special program. Tian said: "fodder and food came first, horses and chariots second" , Platform construction, teaching material compilation, publicity and other preparatory work are very important, laying a solid foundation for the follow-up practical work. Tian is confident about "Quality Improvement through Standards Comparison and Conformity among 10,000 Enterprises from 1,000 Sectors in 100 Cities" and he asked the relevant departments of SAC to support this program. He also stressed that, first, this program should be paid high attention, because it is an important initiatives to implement the Guidelines of the CPC Central Committee and State Council on Actions to the Quality Improvement and respond to the actions of AQSIQ on Quality Improvement Action. The program must be scientifically planned and designed, and publicity must be strengthened. Second, advancing cooperation is another need. It is necessary for SAC to strengthen cooperation with other ministries, local governments, and AQSIQ, enhance communication with mutual benefit. Pursuing practical results is the third point. SAC should work steadily, render good service, satisfy enterprises' needs, set up typical examples, and do work summary well.

CNIS President Liu Hongsheng expressed his appreciation to Vice-Minister Tian for his recognition to the program progress. CNIS will implement seriously Tian's requirements on the program, and mobilize and invest more power, making greater contribution to this special program.

Tian Shihong then came to China Standard Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. (CSSTGC) under CNIS and its subsidiaries for investigation, accompanied by Cui Gang, the Deputy Administrator of SAC, Sun Huichuan, the Deputy Director of Supervision Department of AQSIQ, Li Benjun, the Deputy Director of Quality Improvement Office of AQSIQ and officials of Service Department of SAC.

(Translated by Li Xinyue, reviewed by Liu Zhiyang)



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