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2018 China Standards Innovation and Contribution Award will be Elected
Date: 2018-02-27    Source:CNIS   

SAC officially released a notification recently to start the election for 2018 China Standards Innovation and Contribution Award across the country; according to the new Standardization Law of China, "organizations and individuals can be rewarded for their outstanding contributions to standardization work in accordance with relevant regulations".

To meet the relevant requirements in the Standardization Law, the election of this year's China Standards Innovation and Contribution Award is adjusted in the following aspects:

First, keep the public welfare nature of government-led standards, focus on the economic and social benefits achieved by standards implementation, and play the role of standards in facilitating national economic and social development;

Second, develop market-oriented standards, expand the channels for association standards, encourage the recommendation of association standards and the self-declaration disclosure of association and enterprise standards within the public service platform;

Third,  enhance the supervision of technical committees; if a national professional standardization technical committee wants to apply for the organization award, it must have the first-class performance assessment results in successive three years;

Forth, strengthen technological innovation of technical standards, allow national innovation bases to recommend the application for the awards on standards projects and organizations, and inspire the organizations with active innovation capability to apply for the award.

The Award, established by AQSIQ and SAC in 2006, is the top-level national award in standardization field to recognize the organizations and individuals who make outstanding contributions in standardization activities. Organized every two years, the Award has gone through 8 times with 661 projects, 141 organizations and 24 individuals as laureates for their important roles in leading and promoting standards innovation and development.



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