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SGCC led the first IEC standard development of DC bias suppression devices
Date: 2018-01-29    Source:CNIS   

IEC TS 60076-23, the first IEC standard on DC bias suppression devices approved by IEC/TC 14 in November 2017, is expected to be published and put into force in 2018, overcoming the lack of such IEC standards in the field.

The Shanghai branch of SGCC has carried out studies and researches on DC bias effect for more than 10 years, and it has led the standard development based on its R&D and the application of DC bias suppression devices in China.

The standard specifies technical requirements for those devices including working conditions, principles of model selection, technical performance parameters, structure, testing, packaging, transportation and storage, regulates terminologies regarding DC bias and defines application conditions of resistance- and capacitance- devices.

The standard is expected to play a crucial role in regulating the production, bidding, operation and maintenance of DC bias suppression devices worldwide.



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