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China and UK signed an agreement on standards cooperation of data management in urban sustainable development
Date: 2017-09-15    Source:CNIS   

The symposium & signing ceremony for standards cooperation on data management in sustainable development between China and UK was successfully held in CNIS on September 13. Xu Jianjun, Social Service Director of Service Department of SAC, introduced the current situation in urban sustainable development standardization in China, made a macro positioning of this standard cooperation, and highly spoke of this cooperation prospect Tang Wanjin, Vice-President of CNIS, explained the role of standards for urban sustainable development and emphasized the importance of international communication for standards. Tom Digby-Rogers, Project Manager of BSI Knowledge, introduced the background of Sino-UK cooperation in standardization as well as the basic information about the cooperative organizations in UK, and defined the role of standards on data management in BSI standards system. Jin Meizhu, Deputy-Director of Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City Administrative Committee, made an introduction about the working basis for standards on data management of the Eco-City, including the upgradation of the indices system and the experience in management of sustainable development, etc., and expressed her support for the cooperation and application in standards to come into effect.

Tang Wanjin, Tom Digby-Rogers, Jin Meizhu and Ye Yu (Bluepath Technology Co., Ltd (Tianjin), on behalf of their organizations, signed "Sino-UK Letter of intention of cooperation in data management standardization for urban sustainable development", to implement the Sino-UK agreement of mutual recognition for standards, jointly initiate to develop international standards of data management in urban sustainable development, push forward the standards cooperation and promotion.

(Translated by Song Langlang, reviewed by Liu Zhiyang)




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