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Seven safety sign proposals by CNIS experts are approved in the ISO/TC 145/SC 2/WG1 meeting
Date: 2017-11-30    Source:CNIS   

The ISO/TC 145/SC 2/WG 1 working group meeting was held in Association Francaise de Normalisation (AFNOR) in Paris, France on November 13 to 14, 2017. Seven standards proposals on safety signs by Chinese representatives were approved after the discussion among experts from different countries at the WG1 meeting. The 7 safety signs are: "Do not cross barrier", "No jumping down", "No campfire", "Warning; Falling into water", "Warning; Jellyfish" "Warning; Step up" and "Warning; Step down".

WG1 Safety Identification, Shapes, Symbols and Colours , is a working group under ISO/TC 145/SC 2 Safety identification, signs, shapes, symbols and colours technical subcommittee, responsible for the development and maintenance of  international standards ISO 3864 Graphic symbols-- Safety colours and safety signs and ISO 7010 Graphical symbols--Safety colours and safety signs--Registered safety signs ,etc.

As the registered experts of ISO/TC 145/SC 2/WG 1, CNIS experts have been actively attended the WG1 meetings and submitted proposals on safety signs to the WG1 . Owning to Chinese experts' efforts, the 7 new safety sign proposals this year  were approved of establishment during the WG meeting after 3 safety signs proposals "Emergency hammer", "No leaning" and "No fireworks"-being included into ISO 7010 in 2015, which indicates the remarkable progress made by China in safety sign international standardization. Chinese experts submitted the survey photos and the detailed description of 2 signs "Warning; Step up" and "Warning; Step down" in the two proposals this year, and answered questions about the usage and utilization of two safety signs raised by experts from different countries during the discussion, and got support from attendees.

Nineteen experts from China, USA, Germany, UK, France, Holland and Japan took part in the two-day WG1 working group meeting. At this meeting, international proposals on new safety signs raised by different countries were been discussed, and the feedback on a new standard project ISO/NP TR 20559 "Safety sign systemic establishment and user's guide", was discussed as well. ISO/TC 145/SC 2/WG 7 "Natural disaster safety way guidance system" working meeting and WG1 working group meeting were held at the same time in AFNOR.

(Translated by Liu Qian, reviewed by Liu Zhiyang)




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