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ISO Standards on Water Reuse Developed by China Achieved Key Progress
Date: 2017-12-13    Source:CNIS   

The 7th plenary work meeting was held by ISO/TC 282/SC2 (Water Reuse in Urban Areas) in Madrid, Spain on November 23, 2017. The delegations from China, Japan, Israel, Canada, France, Portugal, South Korea, Spain and etc. had a heated discussion and in-depth communication on urban water reuse standards system and content.
It is informed from the meeting that the three international standards achieved key progress, which was co-developed by Tsinghua University, China National Institute of Standardization, Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences of CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences) and other organizations.

The final draft of Water reuses in urban areas- Guidelines for centralized water reuse system -Part 1: Design principle of a centralized water reuse system (ISO/FDIS 20760-1) has been completed and is in the examination and approval procedure now.

Water reuse in urban areas- Guidelines for centralized water reuse system -Part 2: Management of a centralized water reuse system (ISO 20760-2) has entered the release phase and it is expected to publish at the end of 2017.

The final draft of Water Reuse in Urban Areas- Guidelines for Water Reuse Safety Evaluation: Assessment Parameters and Methods (ISO/DIS 20761) was highly recognized by experts of different countries, who agree unanimously that this standard can enter the final approval stage. 

The above three standards are fundamental international standards on water reuse. The smooth development of these standards signifies that China's long-term theoretical research, technical development, engineering practice and management experience in water reuse area were recognized by international counterparts, and also represents that in the future, China will play the leading role in international standardization, which is significant to enhance the international competitiveness of relevant enterprises and research institutes of wastewater recycling in China.

The Technical Commission on Water Reuse (ISO/TC282) was established in 2013, including 22 P-member states and 18 O-member states. China undertakes the Twinned Secretariat to be responsible for developing international standards on water reuse, promoting its healthy and normative development. Professor Hu Hongying of Tsinghua University serves as the Chair of Sub-Committee (SC2) of ISO/TC282 Water Reuse in Urban Areas. In 2014, based on the approval by the SAC on the issues of undertaking the domestic counterpart of ISO/TC282, a joint working group composed of China National Institute of Standardization, Tsinghua University and Shenzhen Haichuan Industrial Co., Ltd was established. As the domestic technical counterpart, this group takes charge of organizing the Chinese delegation and experts to participate in activities of international standardization and assuming domestic corresponding technical tasks.

(Translated by Li Xinyue, reviewed by Liu Zhiyang)




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