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CNIS Experts Attended the Group Meeting of ISO/TC 268 and Proposed New Standards Plan
Date: 2017-11-10    Source:CNIS   

The Group Meeting of ISO/TC 268 Sustainable Cities and Communities was held in Mexico on October 23-27, 2017. More than 50 representatives from China, France, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, Russia, Mexico, APEC, CASCO, FIDIC, GCIF, etc. attended the meeting. As the first technical counterpart of this committee, CNIS organized relevant national experts to attend the meeting.

ISO / TC268 / WG1 meeting focused on the suggestions of China, France and Iran on ISO 37104 city implementation guidelines. Chinese experts proposed the development of new international standards in aspect of the guidelines of urban sustainable development and management system in newly built city area/ build-up city area and residential area, and guidelines of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Based on the WG pilots Chinese delegation proposed to edit and publish the Urban Sustainable Development of International Standard Implementation Case Set in May 2018.
ISO / TC268 / SC1 / WG1 decided to retain WG1 to help other WGs do the relevant standardization work after the completion of ISO 37153 standard development. The seventh plenary session will be held in Zhuhai, China, on May 14-18, 2018.  Urban sustainable development is the not only the focus of the UN, World Bank and OECD, but also the key point of developing ISO international standard.

(Translated by Chen Chen, reviewed by Liu Zhiyang)



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