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China standardization reform and development roundtable conference held in Beijing
Date: 2017-10-17   

For the celebration of the World Standards Day 2017, CNIS held the China standardization reform and development Roundtable Conference in Beijing, themed by "standardization help quality improvement". AQSIQ leading party group member and SAC Administrator Tian Shihong attended the event and delivered a speech.


Wang Yue, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering; Wang Liheng, Fan Weicheng, Lu Bingheng, Wang Haizhou, Deng Zhonghan, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering; Wang Yiming, the former Vice-Chair of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Hang Gang, the former consultant of the State Council, and famous experts and governors from the state policy research institutions, industrial organizations, universities, well-known enterprises attended the Roundtable discussion. The meeting was hosted by the CNIS President Liu Hongsheng.


Mr Tian Shihong pointed out in his speech that, holding this meeting to celebrate the World Standards Day and discuss "the standardization helps the quality improvement" is of significant, carrying out the "Guidelines for the quality improvement action" issued by the Central Government should be clear how to understand this important file, how to locate standardization work and how to do in the action plan, He stated, standardization plays the role of cow's nose in the quality improvement, he stressed that the standardization is vital in five aspects including quality level, quality development, quality security, quality governance and quality cooperation.


During the meeting, focused on the theme "standardization helps the quality improvement", the attendants delivered their viewpoints about the implement of "Guidelines for the quality improvement action", gave their advices in standards globalization, standards implement, the relation of the governmental standards and market standards, how to play standards' role in the quality improvement, etc.


SAC Vice-Administrator Yu Xinli, Cui Gang, Chen Hongjun, CNIS CPC Committee Secretary Wang Zongling, attended the meeting, SAC departments leaders and CNIS leadership listened the meeting.



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