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34 GB Standards was released by SAC
Date: 2017-06-19   

SAC recently released  334 GB standards covering civilian life, public safety, ecological civilization and information technology at a press conference on May 22, 2017.

In terms of public safety, a series of standards on earthquake emergency and escape have been released, especially GB/T 33735-2017, Guideline of avoiding the arthquake danger for primary and middle schools.

"The standard defines in detail the preliminary planning, knowledge education, rehearsal and method for earthquake escape, which can effectively facilitate the earthquake prevention and disaster mitigation work and protect the life and safety of students and faculties to the greatest extent," Guo Huanxin, Director of Comprehensive Business Department, SAC.

In terms of civilian life, GB/T 33661-2017, Calculation and promulgation of the Chinese calendar, has filled the national blank by integrating the calculation and promulgation of the Chinese calendar into the scope of standards for the first time, and providing normative support for related laws and regulations and precise calendar basis for daily life, agricultural and fishery production as well as flood control and flood fighting.

In terms of ecological civilization, GB/T 33761-2017, General principles for green product assessment, has explicitly put forward the concept of green product, laying a good foundation for the integration of the current separate individual systems on environmental protection, energy conservation, water conservation, etc.
In terms of information technology, seven national standards on mobile payment has been released on basis of independent innovation achievements, with the growing popularity of mobile internet and e-commerce application and increasing demand for mobile payment business.

In terms of public service, GB/T 33667-2017, Specification of career guidance service for university and college graduates, the first national standard of its kind, defines the basic requirement, content, procedure, assessment and improvement of career guidance service for university and college graduates, which helps improve the professional, normative and precise service in the field.



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