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China signed standardization cooperation agreements with with 12 countries
Date: 2017-06-09   

On the occasion of the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation (BRF) held from May 14 to 15, SAC have signed a joint initiative for standardization ooperation with 12 counterparts along the Belt and Road including Russia, Serbia, Mongolia, Malaysia, Greece, Turkey and the Philippine,etc.

The joint initiative mainly focuses on three aspects:
1. Strengthen standards information exchanges, share excellent practices and experiences, and devote to serving the economic and trade development in and between various countries;

2. Promote the communication between standardization professionals, raise their standardization recognition and constantly raise their capability;

3. Further standardization cooperation, smooth related cooperation channels, improve the harmonization of standards and jointly drive the development of international standardization work.

The joint initiative is one of the achievements of the BRF, indicating the consensus achieved on the fundamental and strategic role of standardization in supporting the B&R construction and promoting connectivity, which will further boost the compatibility among various standards systems.

According to SAC, it will continue to implement the action plan on standards connectivity (2015-2017), actively promote the joint standards development with other countries along the B&R, accelerate the translation and publication work of national standards, explore the construction of standardization demonstration zones and projects, encourage enterprises' participation in standardization work as well as drive the standards connectivity among various countries.



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