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China signed agreements of standardization cooperation with 21 countries along the Belt and Road
Date: 2017-05-18   

The Action Plan of Standards Connecting One Belt and One Road (2015-2017) has achieved a wealth of results since it has been in force for two years. By now, SAC has released 74 foreign-language standards covering fields like aerospace, steel industry, engineer machinery, and domestic appliances, etc. so as to accelerate the "going out" pace for standards. SAC has signed cooperation agreements with 21 standardization organizations of B&R countries, which consolidates the foundation of interconnection.
At the same time, SAC contributed its wisdom to help countries along the B&R to improve their standardization capability. The production of relevant crops was increased substantially after enterprises in Cambodia and Laos were guided to develop 8 enterprise standards referring to Chinese standards in terms of production technology regulation of fruit and vegetable, to cultivate agricultural standardization talents in ASEAN countries and to propagate planting technology of agriculture standardization.
According to the statistic, the average crop yield including rice, corn, cantaloupes, and tomatoes increased 17% after the crops were planted in a standardization way in Laos, and the average crop yield in Cambodia including pepper, beans and tomatoes also rises 16.7% when the standardization planting was carried out in the country.



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