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CNIS helped to drive the construction of ecological civilization standardization of Huzhou city
Date: 2017-05-15   

The meeting on the construction of ecological civilization standardization in Huzhou city and working seminar on the standards development of river chief system was held on 18th, April, 2107 in Huzhou. Duan Lian, CPC Vice-Secretary of CNIS, Lin Ling, Director of the Resources and Environment Branch of CNIS and Wang Geng, Vice-Director of the Resources and Environment Branch of CNIS attended the meeting. Song Bo, Director of Huzhou Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision and experts from relevant fields were also present at the meeting.

The meeting focused on the 2017 working plan of ecological civilization standardization. Huzhou city will further improve the standards system of ecological civilization by the late of 2017, initiate and release over ten standards revision of ecological civilization construction on or over municipal level, build the information platform for ecological civilization standardization, and form standards application kits for key areas so as to promote the construction of ten standardization projects and the talent training of standardization field and lay a foundation for the demonstration of ecological civilization standardization. The leading departments and participated departments discussed issues involving standardization names, contents, and pilot work, which are further elaborated and interpreted by the experts in CNIS and Zhejiang Institute of Standardization (ZIS). Experts of CNIS reported works on the information service platform of ecological civilization standardization and listened to the suggestions and comments regarding to the platform.

Lin Ling commented that the river-chief system was originated from Huzhou. And the pilot work of ecological civilization standardization was supposed to cover the standardization on the eco-civilization of water. The river-chief system should be consistent with the overall work of ecological civilization and the standards framework system should be built based on the river-chief system. We need summarize the experience of river-chief system, find standards requirements and recommend those mature standards requirements to the national standards among a large number of standards requirement or we can develop leading standards of enterprises. In addition, we should export the classic cases and combine them with the river-chief system of Huzhou city and China as a whole.



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