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Ding Wenxing was elected as the Chair of ISO/TC69/SC7
Date: 2017-03-24   

Dr. Ding Wenxing from Basic Standardization of CNIS was elected as the Chair of ISO/TC 69/SC 7 on March 1 after two-month-long Chair election of Technical Committee, ISO/TC 69/SC 7 is Sub-Committee on applications of statistical and related techniques for the implementation of Six Sigma of Standardization Technical Committee on applications of statistical methods.

As an implementing principle and technology method improving the management performance of business process in a strict, intensive and efficient way, Six Sigma was a set of science tool and management method proposed and examined by Motorola, General Electric and other companies, which explains everything by statistics data and featured by quantifying production performance, executive capacity, quality management and improving process and result as specific data. Since Six Sigma was founded, it was widely used in manufacturing enterprises in developed countries like the US. and European countries, which also has a significant value on fine quality management and improvement of enterprises in China.

CNIS has been undertaking works of Secretariat of ISO/TC 69/SC 7 for nine years, during which three working groups of SC7 carried out works smoothly under the support of Secretariat, with 11 international standards released and 4 international standards on the way of development. Achievements made by Secretariat were highly commented by Dr. Michele, the Chair of TC 69, and other foreign experts. The Chair of ISO/TC 69/SC 7 served by the expert in CNIS will make a greater contribution to quality improvement across the world.



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