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Ergonomic stimulation analysis software based on Chinese human body data released in Beijing
Date: 2017-03-15   

On February 28, 2017, SoErgo was released in Beijing. SoErgo is an ergonomic stimulation analysis software based on Chinese human body data.

Ergonomia is the generic term of ergonomics in the field of industrial engineering. It aims to design and improve man-machine-environment system according to human bodies, physiological and psychological characteristics of human-being and to increase performance and efficiency of human-machine–environment system under the condition of safety, health and comfort.

As one of the earliest institutes to carry out the study of Ergonomics, CNIS founded National Standardization Technical Committee on Ergonomics (SAC/TC 7) in 1980 and established Human Factors and Ergonomics Key Laboratory of AQSIQ, which is equipped with a Chinese human body basic features database with the largest amount of data, the most comprehensive measuring items, the widest age range of samples and broadest distribution of sampling, including nearly ten million basic data of Chinese human body features in terms of body size, strength, vision, auditory sense, sense of touch, cognition and thermal sensation.

In order to promote the Chinese human body data application in China industries, CNIS cooperated with Longtek Company Limited. to develop an ergonomic stimulation analysis software--SoErgo. The Chinese body basic database of Human Factors and Ergonomics Key Laboratory of AQSIQ provides authoritative basic data of Chinese body for the software, which can be applied to conduct human-computer interaction design and evaluation in virtual environment and raise the accuracy and precision of virtual design and stimulation in an effective way in different areas, including aerospace, shipping, transportation and architecture, supporting industrial design consistent with characteristics of Chinese human body.



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