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The 2016 Plenary Meeting of SAC/TC 286 Held in Beijing
Date: 2017-02-28   

On February 17th, the 2016 plenary meeting of National Standardization Technical Committee on Principles and Methods (SAC/TC 286) was held in Beijing. The related officers from Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of China (SAC) addressed the meeting, 28 persons including the Committee members, consultants and experts attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Bai Dianyi, the Director Member of SAC/TC 286 and Vice-President of CNIS.

On behalf of the Committee Secretariat, the Secretary-General Pang Zhenghu made a summary report on work of SAC/TC 286 in 2016. And Zhao Wenhui, the Secretary of Sub-Committee of Standardization Evaluation of SAC/TC 286, made a work summary of  2016 on behalf of SC 1 Secretariat. They introduced achievements in 2016 and working plans for next year of the Committee and Sub-Committee respectively. Members and consultants discussed and approved the work summaries and reports of the Committee Secretariat, affirmed the achievements of SAT/TC 286 and SC 1 in 2016, put forward their suggestions for next year.

During the meeting, Zhang Yuchun and Qiang Yi, Vice-Director member of the Committee chaired the review of the national draft standards for examination of Rules for drafting standards--Part 5: Regulations  standards and Rules for drafting standards-Part 6: Procedures Standards respectively. As important standards of the basic national standards system to support standards development, these two standards refered to the drafting rules of related standards and codes from international and foreign organizations for standards, combined existing researches and practice of our country and established rules of drafting standards and codes in terms of framework of standards, determination and compilation of technical elements. Members and consultants reviewed these two national standards item by item carefully. They believed the two national standards fill the void in system of drafting rules of standards, playing an important rule to regulate the drafting of standards and codes, enhance the application of standards.

At the end of meeting, the reviews of two national standards were approved unanimously. The drafting group was required to modify the two standards according to the comments made by the meeting and submit the draft standards to SAC for approval.



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