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New version of China Standardization Yearbook published
Date: 2017-02-21   

The 2016 China Standardization Yearbook is edited and recently published by SAC, the last Yearbook was published 17 years ago.

The Yearbook  records comprehensively the achievements in standardization reform and development including key policies and important instructions in standardization work from the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, major works of AQSIQ and SAC in formulating development plans, organizing the development and revision of national standards, managing domestic standardization work as well as participating in the regional or international standardization activities on behalf of China, standardization work at various levels, major standardization events and achievements, standards promotion and practice, etc.

Compared with the Yearbook before, the new one is featured by thress aspects : firstly, for the first time, it records domestic standardization work at national, industrial, local and technical committee levels; Secondly, for the first time, it publishes annual key events, showing the major activities and documents in words both and pictures; Thirdly, for the first time, it adopts standard entries form to record standardization work, providing content indexes.



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