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CNIS Held the General Assembly of 2016-Summing up the Work
Date: 2017-02-04   

CNIS (China National Institute of Standardization) held the General Assembly of 2016-summing up the work on January 23, 2017, all members of CNIS leadership and some 200 representatives from the departments of CNIS attended the event, the Secretary of CPC for CNIS Wang Zongling chaired the meeting.

During the Meeting, CNIS Vice-President Qiu Yueming announced the Notice on Commending Advanced Departments and Outstanding Staff in 2016 issued by CNIS; CNIS Vice-President Tang Wanjin announced the Recognition for the Advanced Party Branch of Party Conduct Incorrupt Construction and Spiritual Civilization Construction in 2016;  CNIS Vice-President Li AiXian announced the List of Winners of National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, AQSIQ Award for Booming Inspection and Quarantine by Science and Technology,  SAC Award for Standards Innovation Contribution Awards; CNIS Vice-President Wu Xiaobo read aloud the Notice of CNIS Reward for Progress in Science and Technology in 2016; CNIS Leadership issued the Award Certificates o the winners.

The representatives of winners,  Xiao Lingyun, Senior Engineer of Defective Products Management Center of AQSIQ, Lin Ling, Director of Resource and Environment of CNIS, Zhao Lei, Research Fellow of Food and Agriculture of CNIS delivered a speech to share their experience in work respectively. Then CNIS Vice-President Bai Dianyi gave a comment on the excellent departments, the Deputy-Secretary of CPC for CNIS Duan Lian gave a comment on the advanced party branch of party conduct incorrupt construction and spiritual civilization construction.

CNIS President Ma Lincong made an annual summary reports of CNIS in 2016; finally, CNIS President Ma Lincong and the Secretary of CPC for CNIS  Wang Zongling signed the Tasks Target Responsibility Agreements and Party Conduct Incorrupt Construction Agreements in 2017 with all departments' leaders.


In the report, Ma LinCong stressed that the year of 2017 is a vital year of the national Thirteen-Five Plan, all the work of CNIS should push forward according to the overall layout of Thirteen-Five Plan. CNIS work will focus on five aspects: first, to support the national strategy and serve the domestic economic development; second, to emphasize overall plan and improve the research level; third, to enhance capacity-building and promote a higher level of cooperation; forth, to deepen the reform of enterprises, focus to develop core business; fifth, to consolidate the party base, strengthen the team construction.




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