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The General Election of SAC/TC442 on Water Conservation Held
Date: 2017-02-03   


The General Election of SAC/TC 442 on Water Conservation was held in Beijing on January 19, 2017, Vice-Administrator Yin Minghan, Vice-Director of Environment and Resources of NDRC Ren Shuben, Vice-Director of Water Resources Department of Ministry of Water Resources Yan Yong attended and addressed the meeting, Some 30 members of SAC/TC 442 attended the meeting, which was presided over by Ma Lincong, Vice-Chairman of the technical committee and President of CNIS.

SAC Vice-Administrator Yin Minghan highly confirmed the contribution of SAC/TC 442 work to water management, water use efficiency and water conservation society building during his address. he pointed out, Chinese government had paid a lot attention on the water conservation and standardization work, issued a series of guidance documents of standardization work, making a direction for the TC development in the future. He proposed four requirements: first, speed up improving water conservation standards system; second, push forward key water conservation standards development; third, strengthen the process control and management of the committee; fourth, underline the publicity and implement of water conservation standards.

Chairman of SAC/TC 442 Ren Shuben put forward new requirements in five aspects, such as focusing on work priorities, building work mechanism, strengthening standards development and revision, furthering standards implementation as well as enhancing international cooperation.

SAC/TC 442 was established in October 2008, its work scope covers the development and revision of national standards on the foundation, method, management and product of water conservation in all water-consuming areas of the society in industry, agriculture, cities and towns, non-conventional water resources utilization, etc. According to the general election plan of SAC/TC 442 on water conservation approved by SAC, the Second Session of SAC/TC 442 is now composed of 34 members from government departments, industry associations, research institutes, universities, enterprises, etc.



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