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National Standardization Work Conference Held in Beijing
Date: 2017-02-03   

The National Standardization Work Conference was held by SAC in Beijing on January 16, 2017, AQSIQ Minister Zhi Shuping,  ISO President Zhang Xiaogang,  Deputy Director of State Commission Office of Public Sectors Reform Wu Zhilun,  Vice-President of Inner Mongolia Chang Junzheng, etc. attened and addressed the conference, SAC Administrator Tian Shihong delivered the work report, summarizing the Chinese standardization work in 2016 and deploying the new tasks in 2017.
Zhi Shuping stated, the past year witnessed fruitful achievements with standardization reform making new breakthroughs, "standardization+"action exploring new areas and standards internationalization taking new steps, the priorities in the year of 2017 are to implement standardization strategy and promote quality improvement. The standardization strategy would be comprehensively promoted with the new development concept featured innovative, coordinated, green, open and sharing development. The quality improvement would be fully implemented through "standardization+" action in the aspects of product and service, ecological environment, social governance and public service.
Tian Shihong highlighted that the new efforts will be put in standardization reform, "standardization+" action and international cooperation. New measures will be adopted in scientific management and self-building this year. Zhang Xiaogang said, China actively participated in ISO standardization activities and successfully hosted the 39th ISO General Assembly, promoting ISO to become the most successful international standardization organization.Standardization plays a key role in promoting normative administrative examination and approval. Related departments are expected to support administrative licensing standardization, promote the implementation of related guidelines and enhance the construction of standards system, according to Wu Zhilun. The Civil-Military Harmonized Standards Project will continue to be carried out, promoting the military standardization with management, theoretical and institutional innovation, Zhou Zhenjie said.
The standardization work in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region was introduced by Chang Junzheng, who put forward to further improve the standardization level by strengthened management, improved policies and measures, deepened reform, and exploration and innovation.
The event welcomed the representatives from relevant departments of the State Council, CNCA, AQSIQ, SAC, industry associations, leading enterprises, standardization institutions in Beijing, as well as quality and technical supervision bureaus across the country, etc. All members of CNIS leadership attended the conference.



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