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Enterprise Standards Service Alliance was established in Beijing
Date: 2016-12-12   
Organized jointly by CNIS, NACAO, CAS,CAPE, etc., Enterprise Standards Service Alliance was established in Beijing. CNIS President MaLincong is the President of the Alliance. The Alliance was unveiled at a press conference in Beijing, which also released the ranking list for the first batch of enterprise standards on November 25, 2016.

SAC Vice-Administrator Cui Gang addressed the event by emphasizing the promotion of the Self-declaration and Disclosure System of Enterprise Product and Service Standards as an important measure to put the national standardization work reform into place.

The system is of great significance in accelerating the implementation of standardization strategies, establishing a powerful nation with high-quality products, facilitating supply side structural reform and driving innovation. SAC will support the Alliance and its activities to jointly benefit enterprises and consumers, Cui said.

The Alliance will promote the further implementation of enterprise standard management and reform system by normalizing the third-party assessment activities, developing the standardization service industry as well as driving the upgrading standards quality of enterprises, according to Ma Lincong, Chairman of the Alliance and President of CNIS who read the declaration at the event.

The ranking list for the first batch of enterprise standards was released at the conference, including standards in LED, copy paper, bedding industries and so forth. China Enterprise Standard Information Service Network was also announced to be online. Similar ranking lists will be released regularly by the third-party assessment organizations via the organization of the Alliance, which are supported by participating enterprises and consumers to constantly improve the quality of product and services.

The event was participated by consumers and representatives from AQSIQ, SAC, CNIS, trade associations, standardization institutions, national technical committees and enterprises.



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