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Standards Promotion and Copyright Protection Meeting Held in Xiamen
Date: 2016-11-15   
        Under the joint effort of AQSIQ,SAC and NCAC(National Copyright Administration of China), Standards Promotion and Copyright Protection Meeting was held in Xiamen city on November 8, SAC Vice-Administrator Guo Hui attened and addressed the meeting.

        The meeting summarized the standards protection work for last one year, discussed the relationship between standards open and copyright protection during theStandardization Lawrevision and standards promotion, exchanged new situation of standards open and copyright protection,shared the theoretical research achivements in standards copyright protection, and made a deep discussion on pushing forward standards promotion and protecting standards copyright.
        Mr. Guo proposed the requirments for this work. Firstly, fullly play standards' role in promoting interconnection, international production cooperation and industry collaboration to do well in the standards copyrights; Secondly, actively pushing Chinese standards going-out; Thirdly, strenthen the theoretical research to speed up the Standardization Law revision; Fourthly, do well the standardization service to actively further new mode of "Standardization+"; Finally, continue to play the role of liaison and coordination mechanism to do better copyright protection and promotion at a high level.
        This meeting is one of series of theme activities of World Standards Day, some 40 representatives from China relavent departments and institutions attended the meeting.


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