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  CNIS Vice-President Tang Wanjin Led Experts to the State ... 2018-05-23
  Apply Standardization to Tibetan Poverty Alleviation thro... 2018-05-22
  CNIS contributes to the standardization of green manufact... 2018-05-16
  Delegation of Mongolia Energy Regulatory Commission Visit... 2018-05-11
  The plenary meeting of SAC/TC 275 and national standards ... 2018-05-08
  The Elderly-Oriented Household Appliance Standard jointly... 2018-04-17
  International Conference on Standardization of Language R... 2018-04-05
  The Result of Customer Satisfaction Survey 2018 in 36 Ind... 2018-04-03
  ISO Deputy Secretary-General Investigates Standardization... 2018-03-30
  Tian Shihong Investigated the Special Program on Quality ... 2018-03-06
  2018 China Standards Innovation and Contribution Award wi... 2018-02-27
  SAC held the 2018 National Standardization Work Conference 2018-02-06
  SGCC led the first IEC standard development of DC bias su... 2018-01-29
  New Standards Law of China in English Edition is official... 2018-01-17
  Action Plan for standards connecting and co-building the ... 2018-01-04
  ISO Standards on Water Reuse Developed by China Achieved ... 2017-12-13
  Revised Standardization Law of the People's Republic of C... 2017-12-04
  Seven safety sign proposals by CNIS experts are approved ... 2017-11-30
  CNIS Experts Attended the Group Meeting of ISO/TC 268 and... 2017-11-10
  China standardization reform and development roundtable c... 2017-10-17

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