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Seven National Standards on Occupational Health Released
Date: 2016-11-17   
        Seven national standards on occupational health have been released by National Health and Family Planning Commission of China recently, including 4 mandatory standards including GBZ 106-2016,Diagnosis for occupational radiation injuries of skin, GBZ 128-2002,Specification of individual monitoring for occupational external exposure, GBZ 129-2002,Specifi cation of individual monitoring for occupational internal exposure, GBZ 207-2008,Testing criteria of personnel dosimetry performance, as well as 3 voluntary standards including GBZ/T 269-2016,Specification for radioactivity testing of total a and total B in urine, GB/T 18198-2000,Estimation standards of personal cumulative exposure to radon decay products for miners, GBZ/T 271-2016,Criteria for use in preparedness and for a nuclear or radiological emergency, which is implemented from November 1, 2016.
        On the same day, 4 voluntary industrial standards for health sector were also released. Namely, WS/T 489-2016,Laboratory diagnosis of urinary tract infections, WS/T 490-2016,Guideline to calibration of clinical chemistry measurement system, WS/T 491-2016,Guideline of test method of non-specific antibodies for treponemal pallidum infection, WS/T 492-2016,Verification of performance for precision and trueness of quantitative measurements in clinical laboratories, which will be implemented from December 15, 2016.


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