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Enterprise Management Informationization
Date: 2011-11-09   

Main research directions:
    (1) business management standardization research
    Mainly carried out engineering, R & D and product lifecycle management, enterprise manufacturing management, business equipment and asset lifecycle management, manufacturing resources and supply chain management, engineering knowledge management, enterprise interoperability standardization theory and methods of research and management information of standardized solution studies;
    (2) digital design and manufacturing standardization
     Mainly in equipment manufacturing information theory and method, digital design and manufacturing standards system, modular technology, Product data representation and exchange of product data dictionary and parts master data management, model-based systems engineering, networking and intelligent manufacturing , the digitized R & D design and manufacturing services standardization Research and Application;
    (3) technological innovation service platform standardization research
    Mainly in manufacturing enterprises' technological innovation mode, theory and method, the standard system of technological innovation service platform technology innovation resources, information technology, technological innovation service evaluation, technical innovation and service interoperability standardization of information technology research.

Field characteristics and advantages:
    (1) Features: enterprise engineering, digital design and manufacturing, R & D and manufacturing management, enterprise asset lifecycle management, supply chain management, advanced manufacturing services and engineering information technology oriented to promote the integration of industrialization and information technology, to carry out research and comprehensive theoretical approach, the basic standards development and application, to provide integrated solutions for enterprise management information, standardized consulting and services.
    (2) The technical advantages:
    Product data exchange and sharing of technology and standards conformance testing program;
    Product Features Data Dictionary standardized solutions;
    Standardization of parts library management solutions;
    The modular design of complex products standardized solutions;
    Product standardization of environmental design solutions.

Key comprehensive study and work system:
    The standard strategy 
    (1) Manufacturing Information System;
    (2) typical industry eco-design information technology standards;
    (3) research technology platform standardization system;
    (4) National automation systems and integration standard committee the industrial data secretariat of the Sub-Committee (SAC/TC159/SC4) Standardization Technical Committee of the National Science and Technology platform support unit (SAC/TC486)

     Cases of the results application:
    China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Group, Sany Group, China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group provides management information and standardization of technical services.



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