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Standards Inspection and Assessment
Date: 2011-11-09   

The standard of review and evaluation of national standards technical review unit focused on cultivating many years the standard of review and research work on the basis of research areas. Standard review and evaluation of protection standard quality and improve the standard FITNESS important measures, is necessary to guide the standardization rational allocation of resources and promote standardized management link. Carried out in this field of research has important practical significance and application prospects.

Main areas of research 
    1. Theoretical study of the standard of review and evaluation
    The actual standardization work in China to learn from foreign experience and results to study the standard of review and evaluation of the basic theory, methods and models to provide theoretical support for applied research and business work.
    2. Standard review mode innovative research
    Sum up the experience of our standard of review, the introduction of risk assessment and risk control, to explore expert review mechanism innovation review mode to carry out extension services, to better serve the government, service industry, serving the local service market.
    3. revision of the standard evaluation of the key links 
    Project, solicit opinions, approval, and other aspects of the evaluation process of study and amend standards development models, tools and databases to establish evaluation mechanisms, to provide a reference for the government and relevant departments to formulate policies.
    4. Evaluation of the Technical Committee of Standardization
    Research Standardization Technical Committee on Evaluation Index System the research standard quality and standard level of evaluation methods and control measures, the study used standard work evaluation issues, to carry out the evaluation and technical services.
    5. Standard implementation of effective evaluation method
    Combined with market demand, to study the formation mechanism and influence factors of the standard implementation of effective, build a standard implementation of effective evaluation index system and evaluation methods, and research standards suited to China's national conditions to the status of implementation of information feedback mechanism.

Application of the results
    AQSIQ projects completed in 2008 "the research results of the factor analysis of the mining criterion-related degree and adopting comprehensive rate national standards adoption rate statistics Guide has become a basic national standards adoption rate statistics ( National Standards Committee marked commissioned [2008] No. 281 files), government departments and industry play an important supporting role in the practical application, to improve the management level of China's standardization work.




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