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Standards Knowledge Management and Service
Date: 2011-11-09   

Knowledge management and services cross the field of library science, information science, information technology and other disciplines, is an important feature of the knowledge economy era, the development direction of the libraries and information agencies and information service providers. Standard knowledge management services focus on fostering research areas of the Museum of national standards, and includes five research direction: the theoretical framework of research; key technology research; Standard Knowledge Base Construction; standard of Intelligence and Research; standard knowledge services.

"Eleventh Five-Year" period, the National Institute of Standards Pavilion to carry out a number of scientific research work, made a series of research results, Museum building and sharing digital resources for national standards, the sustainable development of the strategy and national security standard literature shared services platform important mechanism for protection.

Important research projects include:
    - National Science and Technology Infrastructure for the project: standard literature shared service network construction;
     - Science and technology projects of the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine: International Standard Classification of application and translational research; standard the literature information sharing mechanism and the prototype system research;
    - Central Fundamental Research project: standard information integration and integrated technology framework for research and pilot; national standards Archive digital preservation management mechanism; case law, statutes and standards incorporated in the formulation of U.S. technical regulations applied research; The pilot of the standard literature the thematic database development and application; standard the Document open source database construction; standard literature translation database construction.

"Twelfth Five-Year" period, the National Institute of Standards Pavilion will focus on business processes the standard literature resources construction and the standard literature information services, and further research.

    The objectives are:
    - In terms of knowledge of organizational processes, knowledge base and knowledge services to form a theoretical framework with standardized features, knowledge management and services for the standard literature;
    - Build semantic indexing, aided translation, intelligent search capabilities, knowledge base and system tools to provide one-stop service;
    - The major standardization needs for economic and social development, research and development of a series of knowledge management products and services;
    - Exercise a knowledge management and service personnel to achieve the transformation of the Museum of national standards by traditional service to knowledge service.



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