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Food Monitoring and Control
Date: 2011-11-08   

Research direction
    (1) food risk monitoring
    Major efforts to improve food quality and safety risk factor identification, monitoring sampling methods, data mining, risk information judged public opinion analysis and early warning technology research and standards development.
    (2) Food Quality Control
    To carry out the production source of risk control, process the application of HACCP system, food quality and traceability, logistics and distribution of agricultural products trading technology research and standards development.

Field characteristics and advantages
    Field has been the establishment of a food chain risk monitoring and quality control of the whole process of the technology system the (FHMC system), formed to serve the needs of society and target-based monitoring and control technology research system, developed as the core of common technology standards Standardization Technical characteristics of the platform "development model, with food risk analysis and monitoring, food processing quality control, food traceability, food circulation control and other technical advantages.

Key comprehensive study and work system
    Bear the International Organization for Standardization meals tool, dining table and decorative metal hollow ware Technical Committee (ISO / TC 186) and other six the standardized international or domestic professional technical secretariat of the Commission and the national food production and processing risk monitoring the work of the Secretariat.

Results application
    In recent years, assumed the national "15" major scientific and technological projects, 20 projects for the "11th Five-support plan and the" 863 "plan; made to amend a food standard more than 30 countries; developed a food traceability system and "Food production and processing aspects of risk monitoring data system", which won four of software copyrights; 6 by the Chamber of Commerce in China Science and Technology Award "and" China Standard Innovation Contribution Award and other awards. Food standard system research to provide the basis for national agricultural and food standards "11th Five-Year Plan"; food risk monitoring data system for the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of food processing is risk monitoring provides technical support; GB/T22000-2006 Requirements for any organization in the food safety management system in the food chain "as a corporate certification standards; GB/T23734-2009 quality of small workshops in food production and processing security controls basic requirements to support the supervision of the national small workshop; food traceability system in the country's 11 provinces and cities to promote the application.


Food traceability system

Risk monitoring data system



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