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Defective Product Management
Date: 2011-11-08   

Defective product management research areas include: defective product management laws and regulations and standards system, automotive product recall management system, general product recall management system, and the defective product management key technology research.

Focusing on automotive product recall system, general product recall system, product liability guarantee system, automotive product defect investigation of key technologies, road traffic accidents and vehicle safety, product incident report, injury surveillance, general product defect investigation of key technologies, product defects risk assessment, the study of the effect of the recall assessment and the recall of the economic assessment; establish and improve the the defective product supervision and management information platform, public information service platform of the defective product management, injury surveillance information platform and road traffic accident the depth investigation information platform; advancing our system of laws and regulations of the defective product recall management system, the system of administrative supervision and technical management to experts and technical support system and information management system, technical standards system, promote education and training system.   

Through the legalization of the defective product management research areas of building and promoting the work of the defective product recall management, scientific and standardized management ability and technical level of the defective product, enhancing the overall, comprehensive support AQSIQ defective product management, so as to eliminate defective products hazards to protect consumers' personal and property safety, and to promote sustainable economic and social development and make due contributions.



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