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Date: 2011-11-08   

Research directions:

    The field of public administration and e-commerce in line with international standards, on the basis of the domestic market demand-oriented, committed to China's e-commerce, e-government, and industry standardization of information technology research and critical standards development work to establish a standard system of complete scientific information, feasible, standardized system solutions.

    Features and advantages of the field:

    - China's e-commerce (B2B, B2C, C2C) standards development, management and application;

     - China's electronic document standard system;

    - China's information technology industry, standardized solutions.

    Key comprehensive study and work system:

    - Carry out e-commerce, e-government, industry information:

    ·The standardized basic theory and strategic research;

    ·Standard system;

    Basic technical standards;

    ·Business Standard Research;

    ·Supporting technical standards;

    ·Supervision and Administration Standards;

     - To provide the community with a standardized solution for non-manufacturing all kinds of information construction projects package;

     - "National e-business standardization technical committee (TC83)" [verify whether the affiliated units owned by the International Trade Center -------- condominium and national e-commerce standardization overall Group Secretariat;

    - · Counterparts Contact ISO / TC 154 "in the process of administration, commerce and transport, data elements and documents" [verify whether owned by the International Trade Center ----- condominium] Standardization Technical Committee;

    - The contact · counterpart ISO/TC247 "Fraud Prevention and Control Standardization Technical Committee.

    Application of the results:

    - Apply industry standardization of information technology solutions to China's "Golden letter engineering, engineering design and implementation of the" gold project ".

    - The results of modern service industry standards used in the field of e-commerce, distance education, digital community building.



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