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Information Codification
Date: 2011-11-08   

Standardization traditional areas of strength, and its history can be traced back to the eighties of the last century, information classification and coding Institute. The foundation of the field to carry out all kinds of information classification and coding standardization work related to national economic and social development of the people, institutions, products, industry, and many other important object classification and coding, all walks of life an important foundation for the development of information technology supported.

    Areas bear the "National Information Classification and Coding Standardization Technical Committee Secretariat counterparts Contact ISO / IEC JTC1/SC32" data management and exchange. Field has been for the cutting edge of international development-oriented national strategy needs to adhere to the joint, innovation, practice, and service, and made ??a number of groundbreaking, original and critical the standardized theoretical results with the application of the results.




   Information classification and coding field study will address the following aspects:

    ·Information Classification and Coding standardized policy, theory and planning studies;

    ·Information Classification and Coding of basic and applied research and standardization;

    ·Information classification and coding standard system for its national and international standard system (revising);

    ·Standardization of data, theory, method, standard system, the key technical standards and applied research;

    ·National standardization of information resources policy, planning theory, methods, research;

    ·Standardization of information resources standard system and the information resources sharing mechanism and platform construction research;

    ·Knowledge management standardization research;

    ·Government agencies / the standard system, the standard system of information technology, data standards system, material coding system.

    Currently, the field of Information Classification and Coding presided over more than 20 major national or inter-ministerial research projects, completed more than one hundred national standards and revision work, e-government projects of relevant ministries and large enterprise information technology projects the standardized support more than ten items, such as gold letter (a) of the standard construction of industrial and commercial administration, Jincaigongcheng (a) data element directory and code sets, the Golden Tax Project (Phase III) tax information standard system perfect projects.




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