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Standardization Theory
Date: 2011-11-08   


Standardized theoretical research areas standardized theoretical system is principally engaged in the research, important the standardized theoretical issues, the standardization of policy research, international standardization, research and standardization of educational research.


    Research direction and development goals

    - Standardization Theory System

    Combined with the characteristics of China's standardization work, to build a standardized theoretical framework, to determine standardized theoretical research roadmap.

    - Important standardization theory

    Standardization and economic development, standardization, and public management, standardization and innovation, innovative theoretical research.

    - Standardization Policy Research

    China Standardization Development Research and the International Standardization Development Research based to build national standardization policy analysis and support system.

    - International standardization research

    Follow-up study of international standardization strategy, policies, rules, and areas of focus, systematic analysis of the other national standardization system and management mechanism.

    - Standardized education research

    Job postgraduate education, the Technical Committee Training, Corporate Training standardized education and training products to meet the needs of different levels.


    Research base

    - Research projects

    Assume our standards and foreign advanced standards and Countermeasures, "TCM revision of the standard methods of common technology demonstration study" other countries "Eleventh Five-Year" key scientific and technological support special Chinese characteristics and areas of strength to participate in international Quality Supervision, Inspection and standardization activities and the international standard developed by the demonstration study, "China at all levels of standard management mechanism involving patent nonprofit industry research and special, and the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Standardization Management Committee funded more than 30 research projects.

    - Treatise

    Publication of the the China Standardization Development Research Report, the International Standardization Development Research Report, and International Standardization dynamic research works, write the standardized basic knowledge and practical tutorial "and" standardized professional English Education and training materials.


   - Cooperation


    Bear the ISO / IEC / ITU-T Intellectual Property counterparts in the work of the Special Working Group; APEC standards and conformity assessment of the Sub-Committee (APEC / SCSC), the international standardization Education Cooperation Organization (ICES), the United States National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR), United States East-West Center (EWC), Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the U.S. Information Technology Office (USITO) and other organizations, as well as Microsoft, Qualcomm Wireless Communication Technology (China) Co., Ltd. and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad to establish extensive and in-depth partnership.



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